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Unique alliance is first in the nation among metropolitan arts groups

Dayton, OH (February 3, 2012) – Leadership of the Dayton Ballet, Dayton Opera, and Dayton
Philharmonic announced today the planned merger into a new, non-profit performing arts organization
that spans the three separate, but related art forms.

The new organization will be called, “Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.”

“The merger of the Ballet, Opera, and Philharmonic represents some of our best collaborative thinking
as a community,” said Dick DeLon, Dayton Philharmonic Board Chair. “We are planning for future
success by creating a single management structure and business operating unit, while preserving and
promoting the integrity and identity of each of the participating arts groups. We believe this will be the
first alliance of this kind in the nation.”

According to Greg Robinson, Chairman of the Dayton Opera Association Board, the boards and
management were methodical in their approach to merger discussions and planning. “We know that
merger discussions and mergers are complicated endeavors so we took extra care in how we dealt with
each other and dealt with the merger concept,” Robinson said.

Jeremy Trahan, President of the Dayton Ballet Association Board, described both the importance of
maintaining the individual identity of the arts organizations while seeking new opportunities for artistic
collaboration. “In our planning process, we recognized that a single, stronger governing body could also
facilitate artistic collaboration in a way that had not been fully explored in our community, or even
nationally. We have the foundation now for very forward thinking in performing arts.”

Earlier this week, the merger agreement was approved individually by each of the arts organization’s
respective governing boards. The merger agreement will also be voted upon by the Dayton Ballet and
Dayton Opera associations’ memberships, per those organizations’ by-laws, at the yet-to-be-scheduled
membership meetings.



Leadership Team:

Paul Helfrich – President and Chief Executive Officer, Dayton Performing Arts Alliance
Thomas Bankston – Artistic Director, Dayton Opera
Neal Gittleman – Conductor and Artistic Director, Dayton Philharmonic
Karen Russo Burke – Artistic Director, Dayton Ballet

Governance Structure:
A new Board of Trustees will be created to oversee the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance (DPAA).
Members of the new DPAA board will be nominated by a committee comprised of two
members from each of the current boards.

As part of the approval process, the merger was approved in separate meetings by the three
separate boards and will be voted upon by the members of the Dayton Opera and Dayton

The Opera Guild of Dayton, the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association, and the Ballet
Barre will not be affected by the merger.

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