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Dayton Ballet Diversity in Dance

Performed October 23-27, 2013
Pre-performance Talk, 45 minutes prior to each performance

JUSTIN KOERTGEN choreographer Violin Concerto
GINA GARDNER-WALTHER choreographer – Between Heaven and Earth
GINA PATTERSON choreographer – Your Provision
KAREN RUSSO BURKE choreographer – Modus Operandi

Four unique repertoire pieces are aligned to embrace the wide spectrum of dance. Former Dayton Ballet Master Justin Koertgen returns to the roots of classical ballet with Violin Concerto, set to music from Max Bruch’s Violin Concertos No. 2 and No. 3.

Dayton native Gina Gardner-Walther combines classical ballet technique with contemporary movement to explore the feelings of romance that go beyond attraction in Between Heaven and Earth.

Is he an illusion of her imagination, or are they dancing through the stages of relationships? Sensual and ethereal, Your Provision is a classically based contemporary duet by Gina Patterson.

This company debut of a piece by Karen Russo Burke is inspired by the music of the experimental theatrical troupe Blue Man Group; you'll feel as if you're at a rock concert! Modus Operandi is an ensemble piece that flouts conventions and defies expectations. 


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