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The Pirates of Penzance



Dayton Opera presents the Gilbert and Sullivan comedy The Pirates of Penzance! The dashing Frederic is apprenticed to a band of pirates until his 21st birthday, which he just celebrated. But he was born on February 29, so technically his birthday comes every leap year . . . will he be a "slave of duty" and remain a pirate for another 63 years? And will his sweetheart, Mabel, wait for him? Add the “very model of a modern Major-General” and all his sisters, nieces, cousins and aunts, and you have mayhem filled with humor and fabulous melodies. The Artists-in-Residence of Dayton Opera will perform all the roles in this fast-paced, 40-minute version. 

Directed by former Muse Machine Executive Director Luke Dennis and presented by Dayton Opera, The Pirates of Penzance features the incredible talents of the four young professional singers from Dayton Opera’s acclaimed Artist-in-Residence Program. 

Opera is a powerful medium for learning about all the arts, as well as about history, literature and foreign language. It is an art form that occurs in all cultures, as all peoples use music along with words, drama and dance to express ideas. In addition, opera deals with the human condition—the way people live, think and feel. Opera is, in short, a natural interdisciplinary art form that relates directly to standard school curricula.

“We understand the time constraint and expense in bringing students to every production we offer,” said Ruth Reveal, Director of Education for the DPAA. “Dayton Opera on the Road offers an opportunity for students to experience and enjoy this art form in their school setting while they also learn how music can enhance and enrich the telling of a story.”
“Each Artist-in-Residence is selected from national auditions to perform our in-school primary and secondary school programs. They will also perform roles in a Dayton Opera production at the Schuster Center,” said Thomas Bankston, Dayton Opera’s Artistic Director.

You provide a recently tuned piano or full-sized electronic keyboard with a stand and chair, a space and the audience, and we bring the rest! This program is available January/early February 2019. For more information and available dates, please contact Pam Eyink, Education Manager at 937-224-3521, ext. 1091, or email her.

Date: Selected dates in early 2019   
Location: Your school
Cost: $350
Performance time: 40 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Foreign Languages, Geography, English Language Arts, Music 

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