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Artfully Recorded from Previous Concerts by Engineer and Great Friend Lloyd Bryant

Revisit some of your favorite concert programs! The broadcast dates are to the left, and the original concert dates are to the right of the concert listings. Tune your radio to FM 88.1 or FM 89.9, sit back, and enjoy a second helping of DPO concerts. Listen online at

Dayton Philharmonic Performance Broadcasts

Live & Local, 10:00 am, Saturdays

18 DPO Classical Connections (The Power of Fate: Tchaikovsky's Fourth – 6/10)

1 DPO Chamber (Serenades with Strings – 6/3)
8 DPO SuperPops (Fiedler's Favorites – 6/1)
15 Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (Spring Concert – 5/6)
22 DPO (2017–2018 Retrospective, Part I) 
29 DPO (2017–2018 Retrospective, Part II) 

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